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Running for Re-Election and Moving Forward … As directors for the past three years, John Rothengast and I seek re-election. You have seen firsthand the improvements that have taken place when the right team is assembled. John and I had three objectives we started, but the job is not complete.


First: Get our books in order. This meant breaking up the profit centers so you could manage and understand actual costs instead of having a financial reporting structure that was rolled up into a single balance sheet, where nobody could understand the math. This also meant partnering with our management team to set performance goals, objectives, and quantifiable targets.


Second: Find new and creative ways to source revenue or reduce liability. Many new programs contributed to the bottom line, such as special events at the Pointe, Golf Membership Packages, and Land Development. But we needed one to move the needle and benefit the entire community. It had to provide not only options and fixed pricing but also allow us to control what is being called the next “future utility.” Yes, it’s Fiber, our own private network … if you think about it, most homes can’t function today without water, electricity, and the internet, unlike what is happening with “CWS” and our water bills. However, the real win/win behind this non-dues revenue, besides bringing in millions over its lifetime, is that Fiber allows us to secure our community with POE technology (powered over the intranet). It increases our property value since we can market it and state we are the only gated neighborhood in the area.


Lastly: Build a new Community Center. This has been tried for the last 15 years, but it would never be a reality without achieving the first two objectives above. Financial institutions are competing for our business because our books are in order, we are in a positive position, and new revenue sources have been established to support such an undertaking.

Not only are we expanding our capital projects, but now we have the funds dedicated and programs in place to maintain our existing 385 infrastructure (seawall, cart paths, and marinas) without sacrificing our business’s marketing.


Please look around the community and see the improvements. We have a fresh rebrand and an influx of new residents expecting higher standards and enhancements.


We are the proven executives you need going forward. In the most significant growth period since our conception, this is NOT the time for governance change. John and I have been on the ground floor negotiating and know the intimate details of each project. We have solid business relationships with the architect, builder, banker, Fiber, and security partners.

Community is everything to us, but you need proven results to run a 5-million-dollar corporation; otherwise, without growth, it withers and dies. We understand nobody likes change, and it can be scary, but to move forward, continuity is essential, or you will have stagnation.


Don’t fall for platitudes and catchphrases; look at the financial results. We are no longer handcuffed by the terms of the $385 loan; we have a fully funded Harbour Club, a growing non-dues income, and finally, a specific budget to replace our failing infrastructure. We get all this plus: instead of costing each lot owner $235 as in previous years, having a golf course and a restaurant in your backyard now only costs you $30.

John Rothengast

John Rothengast

Address: 2008 Caracara Drive, Sec/Lot #06-351

Phone: 252-349-3090, Email:


Running for Re-Election and Moving Forward… Phil Hewett and I have been directors for the past three years and are seeking re-election. Here is a small sample of what has been accomplished in the past two years.


Financial Perspective

  • Appealed to the tax department on each reappraised POA-owned lot and reduced our tax exposure.

  • Use Economies of Scale when doing infrastructure projects

  • Revenue-generating ideas were implemented.

  • Selling excess POA properties to help pay down the 385 loan.

  • Purchase Broad Creek Road property to advertise FH and lease the land as an income- generating venture.

Rebrand and Refresh

  • Developed a new logo for Fairfield Harbour to represent positive growth and new direction.

  • Installed new signage throughout the community.

  • Completely renovated The Pointe Restaurant.

  • Improved Harbour Pointe Golf Club—new golf cart paths, exterior landscape lighting, hydration station, secure golf and restaurant equipment under the cart barn, and new golf carts.

  • Updated the HPGC website.

  • Improved communication through The Beacon.

  • Launched advertising campaigns to promote HPGC and The Pointe.

Land Development and Building

  • Developed a two-step process to control stormwater management.


  • Reduced the speed limit to the nationwide community standard limit.

  • Established a Craven County Sheriff’s Office substation.

  • Contracted with a new security company to help us fully automate the entry system.


  • Partnered with a private company to build our own Fiber Network

Infrastructure Rebuild

  • Rebuilt Birdland Marina, 500 feet of Shoreline Seawall, Paved four golf cart paths, Red Sail Park, dog park and pickleball driveways, BB&T parking lot, front entrance, Santa Lucia Rd., Canovan Rd., Spinnaker Ct.

If re-elected, Phil and John are committed to the following objectives:

  • The Harbour Club and Amphitheater at Pelican Park will be completed by Summer 2025.

  • The Harbour Pointe Golf Club (HPGC) and The Pointe Restaurant have become self-sufficient.

  • Our 385 infrastructures will be repaired by establishing long-term contracts.

  • Fiber network to go live Summer 2024 at our entrances.

  • Increase FH reserves and the insurance umbrella policy to reflect a neighborhood that faces coastal risks.

  • Focus on a long-term commercial lease for property on Hwy. 55 and short-term rental for small businesses in the current POA office and activity building once the Harbour Club is completed.