Our Accomplishments

The right team is in place NOW.

In 2021, we ran our campaign based on three main objectives that we have since accomplished: getting our books in order, finding new sources of non-dues revenue/reducing liability, and beginning the process of building the Harbour Club Community Center.

We have kept our promises! And we look forward to accomplishing our next set of objectives for the coming years.


Financial Books in Order

“You can’t understand where you are unless you understand where you’ve been.”  

Separated Profit Centers

The financial reporting structure was rolled up into a single balance sheet. There were no sub-tabs to break out profit centers to try to manage and understand actual costs. Unless you knew how to read a financial spreadsheet, the average person assumed everything was fine.

We created stand alone Profit & Loss statements for each of our profit centers.

  • This was no easy task from an accounting standpoint.
  • This meant that every component from the Golf Course and Restaurant were separated, itemized and posted to the appropriated GL code (General Ledger code) for each enterprise center.
  • Even down to having separate and dedicated phones for each business.
  • By getting granular we could see trends vs. making assumptions without true data.
A New Contract

We implemented a management contract stating that our businesses are PUBLIC amenitites and are now held to performance goals and objectives.

Our new contract has aligned our goals … that is to be self sufficient.

There is a clear performance matrix in place for each enterprise center.

Incentives to be in the black and a collection program to ensure our financial strength.

More Effective Management

With separated profit centers we were better able to partner with our management team to more effectively set performance goals, objectives, and quantifiable targets.

Capital Projects, Funds, & Programs

Not only are we expanding our capital projects, but now we have the funds dedicated and programs in place to take care of our existing 385 infrastructure such as our seawalls, cart paths, and marinas.

New Revenue Sources and Reduced Liability

Rebranding, Refreshing, Rebuilding, Rethinking, Responding, Reinforcing

Relieving Tax Burdens

We appealed with the tax department on each reappraised POA owned lot and won 95% of the 62 appeals and reduced our tax exposure by $333,750.

We began the legal argument that certain common properties which are NOT amenities are being used as potential profit centers and as such can help offset POA dues for its members should be TAX EXEMPT. That’s another potential $1.9 million in tax exposure reduction.

New Programs at The Pointe

We renamed the restaurant The Pointe (at no cost) and had many new programs there that contributed to the bottom line:

  • Special Events at The Pointe
  • Rotating Art Program
  • Curbside pickup
  • Lunch Box Program
  • Top Shelf Spirits
  • 240 Club
  • International Night
  • to name a few!

We also renovated The Pointe with a new server station, enclosed shiplap exterior, new paint, and new carpet and flooring. There’s also new exterior landscape lighting and a sidewalk to the parking lot.

Updated Branding & Merchandise

Fresh new branding, new signage, and a true marketing budget for our profit centers. And a renovated restaurant with a Chef and a Food and Beverage Manager.

Harbour Pointe Golf Club Improvements

New golf cart paths, exterior landscape lighting, hydration station, tidy up and secure your golf and restaurant equipment under the cart barn, new golf carts, and an updated website.

Our Own Private Fiber Network

We needed a program that would move the needle and benefit the entire community. It had to provide not only options for fixed pricing but allow us to control what is being called the next “future utility.”

Nowadays, homes can’t fully function without the internet.

The real win/win behind this non-dues revenue, besides bringing in millions over its lifetime in residuals, is that Fiber allows us to secure our community with POE technology (Powered Over the Internet). It increases our property value since we can market and state that we are the only fully gated community in the area that offers this level of security.

FHN (Fairfield Harbour Network) will have all network equipment on our campus.  We’ll have our own dedicated 1-800 number for service. 

Sheriff's Office Substation

We are established a Craven County Sheriff’s Office substation on

The main objective is for selected administrative needs and to facilitate appointments with representatives of the department.

The carry over of ongoing presence of the Sheriff or his designee will increase the level of safety and their patrolling becomes a visible deterrent for crime, careless and reckless driving.

And More...
  • Palm Tree Program
  • Mosquito Program
  • Tennis/Pickleball Lessons
  • New Merchandise with new logos (hats, bags, tumblers with POS at POA, Golf Course, Restaurant, and consignment at RMG)

Work on the Harbour Club

This has been tried for the last 15 years, but it would never be a reality without achieving the first two objectives above. The architectural plans are nearly complete. Fairfield Harbour residents will be able to arrive at the new Harbour Club by golf cart, walking, boat, or car.

Club Meeting Rooms

After surveying Fairfied Harbour clubs regarding their meeting needs, the new Harbour Club Community Center was designed to accommodate as many of those needs as possible. 

There are several sized meeting rooms and gathering places. Two of the largest meeting rooms (one of which can be partitioned into two smaller rooms) have views of the Inner Harbour.

Indoor Events

A separate event entrance with restrooms, storage rooms, and a lobby and lounge will welcome you to your event.

From there you’ll enter the Grand Hall, which will seat almost 300 people. This event room will have beautiful exposed trusses, and a cupola and plenty of windows to let in natural light.

The Fairfield Harbour Chorus and Harbor Lights Players, as examples, will have plenty of room for their concerts and performances (and their portable stages) but also have so much more room for attendees! Permanent stage lighting will be a feature.

A catering kitchen, spacious buffet line area, catering storage space, lounge, and bar area (for large catered events) are also planned.

Outdoor Events and Features

Our free outdoor concerts become even more amazing with the addition of a bandstand built near where musicians currently perform.

A spacious, covered porch will extend from the east entrance lobby and span the back wall of the Grand Hall, ending as it curves all the way around the hexagonal screened porch. This will be a wonderful gathering area to sit and enjoy the view, gather with friends, or mingle with your club.


A covered porch and large entry columns will greet visitors and residents to the POA offices which are located on the far west end of the Harbour Club. This portion of the building is approximately the same size as the old POA building. Numerous realtors expressed that this entrance will be the WOW factor when potential property buyers enter here.

The POA offices will be housed in our new Community Center and will have a separate entrance and parking area. Meeting rooms may also be accessed from this entrance.

The board room and offices will be in this section of the building. All of the offices face away from the Inner Harbour.

Improvement & Repair

Fairfield Harbour is over fifty years old! We will need to always be looking for ways to repair but also to improve!

Roads & Streets Improvements

All of Santa Lucia, Spinnaker, half
of Canavan, the entrances to the community, dog park, and pickleball were all paved.

The Truist/ATM parking area was also improved as well as expansion for the food trucks that so many of us enjoy. Four golf cart paths at Harbour Pointe were paved and Red Sail Park went from dirt to asphalt parking.

Marina Rebuilding

Birdland Marina was just rebuilt using hog slats for the dock and finger piers. The stronger structure will provide much more protection in harsh storms.

Shoreline Marina will also be rebuilt in the same manner as Birdland, as well as the finger piers.

The Sea Wall

Nearly 500’ of Navy-Style flat panel seawall will be complete this year.

Both this project and the marina projects are using new materials and methods. These commercial applications can be an option to homeowners in the future.

We have also entered into a long-term contract to have the remaining sea wall repaired that will allow our pricing to be locked in at a pre-determined rate.

Land Development & Building

We developed two-step process that solved two major problems:

  • Land: This makes sure any development doesn’t affect the delicate balance of our current stormwater system and becomes an integral part of the solution.
  • By doing this part first it’s not an afterthought or not completed at ALL, especially after the builder has sold the home.
  • It’s an option for people to prepare their property for future development and a likely sale without having to submit fake building plans.