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Residents of Fairfield Harbour in New Bern, N.C., are currently in the midst of a crucial election to determine the future of their community. Voting began on Monday, May 20, and will end on Monday, June 3, and will decide who will serve in the two openings on the Board of Directors.

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Messages from Candidates

Two of the candidates in this election, John Rothengast and Phil Hewett, have been making strides to share their messages via video with the residents of their community. These messages vary in topic from past accomplishments to personal history with the community to future plans for continued neighborhood improvements.

A History of Progress

Throughout their tenure as directors and as President (Hewett) and Vice President (Rothengast), these two volunteers have worked with the Board of Directors to achieve financial solvency, infrastructure improvement, and project innovations.

The Jewel of the Harbour

Numerous realtors have shared that the new Harbour Club, slated to be completed in summer of 2025, will be the Jewel of the Harbour, enticing new residents and increasing property values. Waylaid for many years, the Harbour Club project was one of the main goals and objectives of Hewett and Rothengast when they won their first term on the board.  

A Path Forward

Going forward, growth and improvement will be essential for this established but aging infrastructure community. Phil Hewett and John Rothengast have shared their commitment to continuing those infrastructure improvements, achieving self-sufficient profit centers, and continuing with innovative projects such as the private Fiber network to increase security and the strength of the neighborhood.

The Leadership Fairfield Harbour Needs Right Now

A Proven Team

In the most significant growth period since its conception, Fairfield Harbour needs governance continuity. It has become one of the most sought-after communities in the area, and this trend will continue the the right leadership. Phil and John have been on the ground floor negotiating and knowing the intimate details of each project. They already have solid working relationships with the businesses that have and will continue to provide the kind of improvements that will continue to make our community proud.

Phil Hewett and John Rothengast are the proven leadership you need going forward.